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Whether you have a cat or not...whether the cat is declawed or not...IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE YOU NEED TO BUILD THIS SUPER CUTE SCRATCHING POST!

Supplies Needed:

18" round wood circle
4x4 wooden fence post (about 20" tall)
drill and long wood screws
white 4x4" post cap
white paint
50 ft of 1/4" nylon rope*
pink and yellow dye
bucket and salt (to dye the rope)
staple gun (or hammer and small nails)
white and pink (or white and yellow) electrical tape

1. Attache the wood

Find the middle of your platform, place the post in the middle, and use a pencil to trace around the edges of the post so you can see where to put the screws. Use a drill bit that's slightly smaller than your wood screws and drill four holes within your marked square that go all the way through to the other side of the platform.
Flip the platform over and line up your traced square to be on top of your post (so basically your whole scratching post should be sitting upside down). Since you pre-drilled your holes all the way through the wood, you should be able to see where to screw in your four wood screws from the underside to secure the platform to the pole. (Get someone to help hold it in place if you need to while you drill. It's a bit awkward to hold yourself)
Flip the scratching post right side up when you're done and paint the bottom platform with a few coats of white paint.

2. Dye the rope

For each color that you want:
Fill a large bucket halfway with hot water and add 1/3 cup of salt to the water. Mix in one bottle of the dye color and stir. Leave in the water 30 minutes.
When you are happy with the color, pour out the dye and rinse the rope in cool water until the color runs clear. You'll really want to rinse the rope until all excess dye is removed so you don't end up with dye on your kitties' paws.
Air dry the rope for a few hours until it's completely dry.
Once dried, take your white rope and staple gun the end to the bottom of the post. (You could also use small nails instead of a staple gun.) Wrap the rope around the post as tightly as you can, pushing down on the rows every so often to make sure they are packed tightly together.

3. Change rope colors

When it comes time to change colors, cut your white rope, take your white electrical tape and connect the end of the white rope to the beginning of your pink rope. The trick with electrical tape is that you want to pull on it and stretch it while you wrap it—that's what makes it really secure.
Continue to wrap your pink rope around the pole and repeat the process of joining ropes again with the pink or yellow electrical tape when you switch to yellow rope, and again with the white tape when you switch back to the white rope to finish the pole.
Remember to wrap tightly and push down on the rows every so often.
To finish your rope wrapping, cut your rope and secure the end with electrical tape. Use your staple gun to secure the rope end onto the pole. Glue your post cap onto the top of your post and you're ready to show kitty the new scratching post!
Wanna turn this into a freaking bonanza?! Rub some catnip on the rope and watch your kitty go ballistic over it! They are going to love this!
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