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The Summer of Grilling
In my family we grill a lot. But this summer it is like a grilled lunch every other day. We grill all kinds of meat; pork, beef, chicken and vegatables, cheese, we even make our own grilled pizzas (it may sound weird, but they are amazing). If we have a bigger party we also serve it the way as you can see on a photo.
What I like the most about grilling is that it is done outside, so the smell doesn't effect the whole house. I love our grill because of its size as well. Tho, standing afrond of a grill for few hours can be also awful, since the heat can get unbearable, especially for a person like me, who can not stand the heat.
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Unngghhh this looks soooo good. Now I want a big steak for lunch. XD
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go for it. @allischaaff
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