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We all go thru this problem. We buy a red matte lipstick and it feels dry or cracks our lips. Augg!! BUT!! Not anymore, I found a lipstick that was really good to me is matte and also has a hydration system for my lips and also spf 20. Just what I need it!!! This lipstick is called Geranium from Beauticontrol I got it from
They have more than 30 colors available ^_^
Enjoy your matte and healthy lips.
Uhhh... With lips like that girl, you could make any lipstick look FABULOUS,
Thank you both @jordanhamilton @alywoah
thanks for the tag miss lady!!! def a great card @alywoah
@2littlelegs yesss is the best, best colors and they hydrate ur lips just love it they have a whole make up line...they are at same level with clinique, lancome and sephora
Wow now that I know this exsist I feel like I need this lipstick in my life. Thankyou @Bekka
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