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The Person You Really Need to Marry
Tracy McMillan has written for a ton of the top TV shows and is most interested in human relationships. In her TED Talk (viewed more than 3 million times) she touches on how we find the person we REALLY need to marry. She starts off by telling us about how she thought of love when she was a child, citing the popular nursery rhyme. *k-i-s-s-i-n-g* But her life totally didn't end up like that. She's been married and divorced three times, and she says its because she consistently married the wrong guy for her. She says her husbands were awesome guys, but they just weren't the people she should be marrying. She brings up her philosophy of "marrying yourself." Here's what she means. In marrying yourself, you need to commit fully to yourself, Focus on you, and understanding you. Once you realize that you're whole and can stand all by yourself you'll see that you don't need any man or woman to complete you. She believes that so many marriages fail because the partners believe that they are lacking, and they're looking for someone to fill that gap. She goes deep into her love life (which is wild!) to show how she had to overcome all of the mistakes she made to get to where she is now. One thing she found from this practice that hit me pretty hard was that once loving herself, and she went on a few dates... She found that instead of wondering if the man liked HER, she was focusing on how SHE felt in his presence. She's listening to herself and her needs, not trying to prove anything to anybody. "I'm more interested in how I feel about me, than how he feels about me." What do you think about this philosophy? Would it work for you?
Make A Galaxy Twisted Tee
On a previous tutorial, I showed you a cute way to make Galaxy Jewelry using some everyday products that you have around the house or in your craft corner. You can click here to see it. I bring it up now because it would go really well with this super cute Galaxy Tee that I found on I Love To Create Blog on Blogspot. Get yourself a loose-fitting black t-shirt and have your sewing machine on stand-by. You will need: Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Black T-Shirt Bleach Paint brushes Spray bottle Scissors Pins Tape Get started by: 1. Lay shirt out flat and tape down. 2. Mix water and bleach ratio as 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. Pour into spray bottle. 3. Begin spraying the shirt with mix, focusing on just a couple spots. Once the bleach sets, the shirt will turn red and continue to turn unless you rinse it. If you want more bleaching to occur, spray more as needed. Rinse the shirt as soon as you get the right base color. 3. Begin using your Tulip paint to paint on blotches, swirls and any design that looks like a galaxy. 4. Continue doing this with different paint colors--as many or as few as you like. 5. Mix paint with water as you go along to create different effects. 6. Using a stiff paint brush, flick white paint to get dramatic stars. 7. Let your shirt completely dry and follow this with regular wash and dry cycle. 8. Lay your shirt flat and cut off the sleeves. 9. Flip over, with the back side up and mark the center of the back with a piece of soap or fabric chalk. This line should line up to the bottom of the arm hole. 10. Cut along both shoulder seams. This will separate the front and back. 11. Twist the two back pieces. 12. Pin in place and stitch by hand (or use your sewing machine). Once all this is done, you're ready to hang with your girlfriends and have a totally awesome summer. Don't forget to pair this with a cute bando top or a bralette. You can click here for tutorials to help you make one!
1. ¬°Los beneficios para la salud de los p√©ptidos de col√°geno se aplican para ayudar a promover la p√©rdida de peso! El col√°geno puede ayudar a perder peso: las investigaciones han demostrado que el col√°geno es m√°s saciante que algunas prote√≠nas, manteni√©ndole lleno durante m√°s tiempo para que coma menos. Un ensayo cl√≠nico descubri√≥ que el col√°geno es un 40% m√°s saciante que la misma cantidad de suero, case√≠na o soja. Otro estudio entre pacientes obesos y diab√©ticos descubri√≥ que la ingesta de col√°geno hidrolizado estimulaba la liberaci√≥n de hormonas saciantes en la sangre. Los individuos que se suplementaron con col√°geno consumieron un 20% menos en su siguiente comida que los que consumieron algunos tipos de prote√≠nas. Tienda online aqui: solocolagenos BENEFICIOS DEL COL√ĀGENO PARA LOS HUESOS Y LAS ARTICULACIONES 2. Otro beneficio para la salud de los p√©ptidos de col√°geno es que el col√°geno ayuda a construir huesos m√°s fuertes y a prevenir las fracturas √≥seas: Perdemos hasta el 50% de nuestra fuerza √≥sea durante el envejecimiento debido a la descomposici√≥n del col√°geno. Los estudios cient√≠ficos demuestran que es el col√°geno de nuestros huesos el que absorbe la energ√≠a de cualquier impacto √≥seo. Cuanto m√°s col√°geno haya en nuestros huesos, m√°s resistentes ser√°n, lo que reducir√° el riesgo de fracturas. La suplementaci√≥n con col√°geno puede ayudar a mejorar la resistencia de los huesos estimulando el crecimiento de nuevas c√©lulas √≥seas para reemplazar las desgastadas y da√Īadas. 3. Alivia los s√≠ntomas de la artritis, como el dolor, la rigidez y la inflamaci√≥n de las articulaciones: Los estudios cl√≠nicos han demostrado que la suplementaci√≥n con col√°geno puede conducir a una reducci√≥n significativa del dolor, la rigidez y la inflamaci√≥n de las articulaciones causados por la artritis. Un ensayo demostr√≥ una tasa de respuesta del 70% de mejora significativa o notable en el dolor articular entre los pacientes que tomaron suplementos de col√°geno, y en otro estudio, el col√°geno demostr√≥ ser un 25% m√°s eficaz en la reducci√≥n del dolor y la rigidez de la artrosis en comparaci√≥n con otros suplementos antiinflamatorios, como la glucosamina y el sulfato de condroitina. 4. Mejora la movilidad y la flexibilidad de las articulaciones: La suplementaci√≥n con col√°geno puede mejorar la flexibilidad en movimientos como la extensi√≥n de la rodilla y la movilidad total a lo largo de las actividades diarias. Los estudios cl√≠nicos han demostrado que los p√©ptidos de col√°geno mejoran la movilidad y la flexibilidad tanto en pacientes artr√≠ticos como en atletas. Despu√©s de la suplementaci√≥n con col√°geno, los sujetos han sido capaces de hacer ejercicio durante m√°s tiempo antes de experimentar dolor en las articulaciones. 5. Fortalece las articulaciones y los ligamentos y previene las lesiones: La suplementaci√≥n diaria de col√°geno puede mejorar la fuerza y el tama√Īo de nuestros tendones, articulaciones y ligamentos. Los estudios han demostrado que la suplementaci√≥n con col√°geno puede disminuir los √≠ndices de lesiones de tendones y ligamentos. Un estudio que midi√≥ los efectos de la ingesta diaria de p√©ptidos de col√°geno en la estructura del tend√≥n de Aquiles encontr√≥ un aumento significativo en el di√°metro de las fibras de col√°geno, lo que sugiere una mejora en la fuerza del tend√≥n como resultado de la suplementaci√≥n de col√°geno. 6. Acelera el tiempo de recuperaci√≥n de los m√ļsculos, articulaciones y ligamentos desgarrados: ¬ŅSab√≠as que el col√°geno es necesario para curar las lesiones musculares y del tejido conectivo? Los cient√≠ficos han identificado el col√°geno como el componente clave para regenerar la fuerza y la flexibilidad de los m√ļsculos, las articulaciones y los ligamentos desgarrados. Se ha demostrado que las tasas de s√≠ntesis de col√°geno en el tejido conectivo y los m√ļsculos durante la curaci√≥n de una lesi√≥n son significativamente mayores durante las tres primeras semanas inmediatamente posteriores a la lesi√≥n. Por lo tanto, la suplementaci√≥n con col√°geno tiene beneficios para la correcta curaci√≥n de los m√ļsculos, las articulaciones y los ligamentos.
How Long is Too Long To Date?
A former coworker of mine just got engaged after living with and dating her now-fiance for SIX YEARS. While I think that's practically a common-law marriage, some people think that dating that long is necessary to make sure you're ready to commit to a life together. But here's the thing: Only you can know when you're ready to take the next step. But as a baseline, Ian Kerner, PhD, LMFT, licensed psychotherapist, couple's therapist and author of She Comes First, suggests that one to two years is often a good amount of time to date before getting engaged. Longer than that and you might just never get married or take your relationship more seriously and after ten or so years your relationship starts to break and you don't feel obligated to fix it. ONE TO TWO YEARS?! That sound like no time at all for me! But wait, its not necessarily about time! "I've worked with a lot of couples who have strong relationships, and they met and fell in love quickly and really got to know each other's friends and family," Kerner says. "They got to experience what it's like to live with each other or spend a lot of time with each other, go through some life cycle issues, like the loss of a family member or the loss of a friendship, or going to a wedding or funeral and really getting to see each other in a lot of different contexts and feel like it's a good match. And generally, that can happen in a year... You want to have some problems emerge and see how you deal with problems together. For me, it's more about the range of experiences that lend themselves to compatibility rather than the amount of time." My parents dated about 3.5 years (I think???) before getting engaged, then waited about 4 years after marriage to have me! But then again, they only saw each other on weekends because my mom lived in New Jersey and my dad lived in California so I guess at the end of the day they were physically together for about a year and a half haha! For me, I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year but no WAY am I thinking about marriage so I don't think the 1-2 year rule applies to me. Do you think there is a cut-off point for dating, when you should tie the knot?