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Supplies Needed:

8" x 10" frame
8" x 10" pet portrait
spray adhesive
2 sheets of bright, color coordinating cardstock
8" x 10" background texture image (click here to download)

Step One:

Cut out the background from your photo.

Step Two:

Scan the cut-out image, and increase the brightness and contrast. Copy machines have options that allow you to do this directly through the copy machine. Just practice on copy paper before printing it onto the colored cardstock. When you get it how you like it, with bright whites and contrasting darks, print onto the cardstock.

Step Three:

Print out the background texture onto the contrasting cardstock. You can download the texture by clicking here.

Step Four:

Trim the image from the first printed paper, leaving a little border around the edge.

Step Five:

Spray the back of the trimmed-out image and mount it to the background texture.

Step Six:

Use the glass from your frame to see where to trim the excess paper from the textured background so that it fits in an 8" x 10" frame. Keep in mind while trimming that you want a border around the edge of the texture to show when framed.
How cute!
How adorable!
How fun!
Think of how thrilled your pets would feel when they see themselves as art on the wall for everyone to see! You gotta do this! For more ideas, click here!