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thanks @KpopGaby and credit to the owner for this picture idk if some of u are armys or not but i tag @inumi @kpopandkimchi @LydiaPark14 @najalong1998 @XergaB20 1.namjoon 2.namjoon and tae :3 3. idk exact things Dx all of them? 4. this is a hard question i like We On, war of hormone, i need u, the cyphers, boys in luv,danger, rise of bangtan and dope 5. kookie 6. tae 7. quadruple tie between danger,woh,dope and i need u 8. danger or dope 9. war of hormone/i need u 10. like 1-2 years 11. the most beautiful moment in life,pt 1 12.dark and wild 13.tae or namjoon
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1. V 2. Rap Monster 3. Jungkook lip sync show 4. Cypher pt. 3 5. All of them xD (but mostly Jungkook) 6. None so far :'( 7. I Need U 8. Dope 9. Bulletproof pt 2 10. 2 months 11. Boy in Luv 12. 2 cool 4 skool 13. Rap Monster Thanks for posting this! I'd love to get to know ARMY :D