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With it being back-to-school and all, here's a cute way to dress up your outfit using chunky wooden (and other) beads to make a necklace that every art teacher would adore!

Supplies Needed:

leather cord (or jute string)
wood beads
a Sharpie
acrylic paint (optional)
Don't be afraid to buy a mixed bag of beads--there's no telling what cool beads you will find and can use for this project. Even if you don't like the color, you can always change it with paint!
This is optional but such a great step--adding details to your beads using a Sharpie. This is a quick and easy way to add a pattern or design to a bead that would otherwise be plain.
Using the leather cord, string the beads and be aware of how long it is.
This DIY necklace is meant to be knotted without the use of closures. However, if you wanted, you could add closures to this if you wanted to, though it's not necessary.
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I just have to comment...this looks like something my art teacher in high school would have worn it's cool @daniachicago