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1. kookie 2. j-hope 3. the magic phone 4. War of Hormones 5. V, suga, jin 6. hobie 7. Dope 8. Dope 9. Danger 10. since debut 11. All... but after skool i love 12. Jin-Jin lol
1. Jongkuk 2. Suga 3. I haven't really seen that many of them. Was the video where they did the part switch a Bangtan Bomb? If so that's it. :-D 4. I Need U, Dope, and Danger. I can't pick just one. 5. JONGKUK 6. Suga 7. Dope 8. Dope and I Need U 9.Boy In Love and Dope 10. A little over a year. 11. All. Of course. The newest one. I really can't remember the titles. 12. J-Hope
1.Jin 2.Jungkook 3.the magic phone 4.I Need u 5.V 6.Rap Mon 7.Dope 8.Danger 9.We R Bulletproof 10.Debut 11.??? ALL??? 12. IDK CAN'T REMEMBER 13.V OR JHOPE THERE BOTH WEIRD AND CHEERFUL