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Hello Anime Community! ^_^

The last Anime Community Marathon of Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 was quite a success, so we are doing it again! :)
@Kamiamon @AkiraCondry @biancadanica98 and @AimeeH all helped me plan this! :D
We've decided to change the process a bit based on what worked and didn't work last time.

Here are the details:

1. We will start at 12 Noon EST on Saturday, August 15th. :)
2. We will be setting up a Vingle Message Group (I will create it an hour before the marathon begins).
3. If you want to be in the message group, just let me know in the comments.
4. I will update this card with the video links on Friday, August 14th. :)

We are ready for this Weekend Anime Marathon! Are you?

Let us know if you are interested in joining so we can all have a Vingle viewing party!
Anime + my vingle family + saturday= The type of life I'm glad to be living lol This will be great :D Anime spree #2 :P
@JaxomB Oh no :( Join us next timeeee!! @AkiraCondry @biancadanica98 @SunnyV @solodaywithB1A4 @SeaseaBlue @MaatiCasanova @BlackXShield @AimeeH @NerukaWong @sherrysahar @DanRodriguez Yayyyyy! @edwinb94 Next time, Sunday for sure! :D (We were just trying to match the Tokyo Ghoul schedule from last time) @EllieDean We really wanted to give do group message to avoid multiple hassles and keep everything in one place :)
Anime + All U + Weekend = Count Me In!!! You guys are better than my real family so Yes im in Cx
Yes, I think I can. :)
I'm up for it. please add me in the group message come time for the marathob
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