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Answer: GD&TOP Zutter It was a tough decision to choose 3 people but I decided to choose ones that I hardly have contact with so congratulations @JessicaChaney @Exoexo @DanieTate You can request from any of these awards: MV, photo or Imagine requests (you can choose all of them or 2 if you want, don't have to) If you want an Imagine, please let me know about plot or ideas of your Imagine on the comments or message me. It will take a while for me to process ideas so bear with me please ^_^ Sorry for the other Vinglers who participated. Note, they'll be more games like this and rules may change so you have a chance to win :) THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING! SEE YA TOMORROW! 사랑합니다! 화이팅!
@KpopGaby Sure! Especially if you get one of him blonde! :D Thank you!!!
YAY!! I'm so honored! Can I have a photo and Imagine of me and Baekhyun? Feel free to do whatever for plot! :) Anything with bae will be great! <3
@KpopGaby It's okay! There doesn't have to be comedy
Can I have an Imagine with me, GD, and Zelo. Can it be romantic and sexy with some comedy? Thank you!
lol ur so adorable
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