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this was my favorie song from this drama!
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@AgentLeo I haven't watched either of those XD I'll get to them eventually. I am super obsessed with Oh My Ghostess right now (:
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@aabxo :o seriously u should watch kill me heal me. its great...but like its okay thats love is soo well done and so emotional its beautiful
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@AgentLeo So I've heard XD After It's Okay That's Love was over I was so sad. I didn't want it to end. Lol But it ended so perfectly.
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This is a great song that always gave me a huge wave of the feels when it was played throughout the drama. IOIL has one of the best OSTs. All of music used in the entire drama is amazing.
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fated to love you ... I love the ost aliee gave me feels ;-;
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