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Topp Dogg Concert in London, UK!
Guys... Im going to the Topp Dogg concert in London on the 4th of September!! Literally cannot contain my happiness!! I love Topp Dogg!!
Anyway i get to meet these awesome guys and see them perform live!! By the way London is like a 2 hour car drive from where i live but im going by train which should make it less time to get there!!
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@XergaB20 I know I hope so. I was so pissed off when I saw all the death threats. felt so bad for Rap Monster and the rest of the group
@beckiboop1996 I felt so ashamed of American fans. I was truly worried that someone would actually try and harm Rap Monster or any of the others. I can't imagine how they feel, being the object of death threats....
@XergaB20 I know. It happened in Mexico too where someone posted a picture of a gun saying goodbye rap monster. feel so ashamed to be part of this human race sometimes
@beckiboop1996 I didn't know it happened in Mexico too. I just don't understand how people could do something like that. I feel so ashamed right now. 馃槪