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Disney Darling Dove Cameron Show Off Intricate Braids

If you're keeping up with Disney's channel's sitcom, then you can't miss Dove Canyon who plays the dual main character in Liv and Maddie. She also starred Disney's original movie Cloud9 and Descendants. I've been a big fan of her bombshell hairstyle ever since I saw her as Liv and Maddie. Her style is super chill and her casual side braids are awesome. Teen Vogue recently teamed up with Dove to show off the season's coolest braid and all I can say is she would totally rock as a live action Disney princess. In my opinion, she already looks like Alice from "Alice in the Wonderland." Take a look below to see her twist on classic braids.
Crowning Glory
Stylist Syfu gave her some edgy braids and unexpected shapes to contrast her angelic features. To remake this modern milkmaid braid, part your hair down the middle. Gather hair in two ponytails. Fishtail braid each tail and wrap the braid across the head, secure it with bobby pins. Gently pull the plaits apart for an undone effect.
A Twisted Tale
For this style, the makeup is light and fresh to contrast the bold hair and fashion. Her hair is juxtapose to a chic updo and held together with a structured headband. Doesn't it resemble a cool pixie cut?
Two Timing
Spice up your average pigtails French braiding! Part the hair in the middle and start braiding from the crown to the tail. Leave the top tight and gently loosen the bottom plaits for a sophisticate look.
Bun Head
She looks super cute here with bantu bun and freckles on her face. Anyone seeing Pipi Longstocking here? I don't think any of us would actually want to wear this hairstyle out in public, but it'll be a great overnight braids for pretty curls!
Rebel Yell
I'm serious, she looks like a different character with each hairstyle. This one she reminds me of a long-hair Ruby Rose. The faux-hawk is a little hard to explain. You can basically do a normal 3-strand braid with a small section from the top. Set it aside and tightly Dutch braid the rest of the hair until you reach the nape. Then secure it with elastic. Finally go back to the top and shape braid and pin it to place.
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