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This one is not as date as the previous hair throwbacks. During Fall 2013, Splashlight hair coloring technique was a trend. I'm not sure if you heard of Caroline Polachek, lead singer for Charlift, but she was famous for this hairstyle. The concept was started by colourist Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger salon, NYC.
Splashlight: a highlighting technique that emulate the "beam of light" hitting your hair.
Just imagine the horizontal line you see when the sun shines.
As you can see the highlighting technique is meant to emphasize the cheekbones for that "halo" effect.
Splashlight Coloring Rule:
1. It's okay to have more than one horizontal line, but having just one is the iconic look.
2. It shouldn’t be perfectly horizontal around your hair, but rather diagonal and jagged.
3. Placement of the splashlight is important. Don't go too high or too low, ideally, it should be near your jawline.
4. Gradation is one way to make it look natural.
This example of splashlight is less dramatic and the curls soften the sharp horizontal line.
If you can't commit to the horizontal line, you can still try out the splashlight style inspired by Jessica Biel's toned-down version. Play around with the contrast, length and placement!
@HairConfetti thats really cool! are you also a cosmetologist or studying to become one?
@shjej5835 yes! My mom is a licensed cosmetologist and she gets invitation to hair shows and let's me tag along. It's pretty fun and I get a lot of sample products. They also have a sample sale so products are 50% off market price. I remember buying a cool backpack for only $5.
@HairConfetti there are hair shows???? I feel so uneducated about hair now haha
Whoa I never knew this was a thing
@shjej5835 Yes, I'm studying to become one, so I can help my mom out on the weekend.
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