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The lovebirds spent Friday afternoon making their way though Los Angeles International Airport with the “Hunger Games” hunk’s nieces, Holly, Ella, and Harper Rose, in tow. Not far behind were the cute little girls’ parents – Liam’s older brother, Luke, and his wife, Samantha. Despite the fact that the tots were not their own, the 20-year-old former “Hannah Montana” star looked right at home keeping a tight hold on the kids, perching one on her hip and hanging onto another’s hand as they walked through the bustling terminal. Liam, 23, was left to tend to the bags. sweet~~
They look like one happy family, don't they?:)
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not bad Miley! She kinda looks maternal to me now!
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i cant wait till Miley's hair grows back reslly
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her face still looks so girly though... :)
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