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I was trying to finish writing a chapter to one of my fanfics but I got too lazy and started drawing this.
You're probably trying to laugh right? I drew it half heartily so don't judge. ( Starts signing *Please don't judge me~~~* by I don't even know. My brother sings it but I don't know the singer cause I'm a kpopholic)
I just had a mental breakdown lmao. Now I'm wondering why I even uploaded this. Oh well. I'm an Army that came from a fandom which consists of seven weirdos so you can't do anything to me. I hope you enjoyed my mental breakdown Army's rock and BTS is my life. What more do you need then these seven godly figures??
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@nandini0910 I basically start dancing to kpop songs and my family just shrugs it off and says that I've gone crazy so yeah we're in the same boat
Lol!!! Same!!!! My parents know who EXO and BTS is because I talk nonstop about them... When they ask me what am I listening to now...
Mine too even my nephews go like * She's listening to her husband now so don't bother her or she'll turn and smack you in the head for interrupting her fangirling moment* lmao. I laugh whenever I think about this. But who can blame us? Its the idols that's making us go insane lol
omggg the chubby cheeks picture I'm dying hahaha