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Wow...usually when I read a headline that says "huge explosion" I feel like it's an exaggeration, but this is actually huge. Really scary stuff. I'll put the videos I've come across below with the info I've found, but be aware that some of these might be hard to look at some people.
Hopefully we'll know soon just how much damage was really done...
The smaller blast was estimated to be equivalent to 3 tons of TNT. The larger blast....22 tons. Wow. Absolutely insane.
*THIS ONE HAS GRAPHIC IMAGES, particularly after 1:02, so watch carefully. Nothing too, too gorey but there is some blood and devastation...
The very first clip was a livestream. I honestly don't believe that the person filming it would have survived; if you pause, you can see the concrete wall in front of them exploding.
You can see in the second clip in this video that the guy filming was knocked over by the blast. He was about a mile away. The blast was that strong. This video on liveleak shows the glass of a storefront being blown in because of the explosion as well.
While numbers are in no way updated or finalized, some news stations have reported that everyone in the immediate blast zone would not have made it.
This is the radius diagram that was put up. China news reported that no one was alive in a 1km in diameter. While what caused the blast is still unknown, some reports said it was "shipment of explosives at a container berth."
17 have been reported dead, with hundreds injured.
I hope that the injured and death counts do not rise too high, and hope that the people who need help are given it quickly.
@Animaniafreak Wow. Absolutely terrifying. I guess this can really happen everywhere, but my understanding is that the safety rules might not be as strict in China, which can lead to something like this. I really hope some new restrictions come out of this to prevent a similar event. @TerrecaRiley it is terrifying, I am sadly desensitized to most things, but I still found it difficult. It's pretty horrible stuff
@drwhat must be tones of those combustible gas stored there, the explosion was huge! If I didn't know better, it's like special effects from a movie. I heard there were toxic chemicals stored in the same facility which reacted to water and combusted, that's where the 2nd explosion with huge fireball came from.
I can't bring myself to watching the videos. It's devastating!
@Animaniafreak I haven't read more about it today but when i read then it seemed like some sort of gas/propane equipment were stored or transferred there...
OMG.... can't bear myself to watch the whole thing, seems like the blast engulfed the entire district! I can't begin to fathom the pain and sorrow that many would experience from the loss of love ones. Does anyone have any idea what's the cause of the explosion?