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Everything happens for a reason? Ryan Gosling revealed in a new interview that he missed an opportunity to join the Backstreet Boys before they got big. "When I was doing the Mickey Mouse Club we were living in the same place as that guy A.J. [McLean] from the Backstreet Boys," the Gangster Squad actor, 32, explained to Celebuzz. "And so he was always talking about the Backstreet Boys, but they were just forming that band so he was saying how big they were going to be -- and he had a poster of them in his house." "We were like . . . that's never going to happen," Gosling recalled. "Didn't they already do that with New Kids [On the Block]? You're a little late. Cut to . . . I was wrong." Does he regret not trying to get an invitation to join their band when he had the chance? "I can't live in the past. I've got to live in the now," he said. "That ship has sailed." And he hasn't kept in touch with the band, but not by choice. "They're not returning my calls," he joked. "I am so sorry I didn't call you back, dude," McLean, 35, told TMZ in response Monday, Jan. 14, adding he doesn't have the actor's number. But if he gets his number, McLean said, "If we ever want a sixth Backstreet Boy, I'm going to call you." cr; usw
yes.. and he has this really cool image.. he would never have had this image if he was a Backstreet boy
Thank goodness he didn't. He's such a fantastic actor that it's clear he was destined for acting.
Damn right!! he could be just a second rate star now if he did join them!^^; sorry ^^v
oh yes! He's much better off and much more desirable as ryan Gosling.. not a backstreet boy!
I agree @justplay0525 surely, he's in a much better place right now!
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