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Anna Kendrick's Funniest Tweet EVER!
"Ugh -- NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered 'inappropriate,'" the actress, 27, joked. The racy tweet must have resonated with her fans as it earned her over 20,000 favorites and 23,000 retweets. cr;usw
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Heehee, she's a witty girl.
5 years ago·Reply
I wonder what Eva Mendes thinks haha
5 years ago·Reply
Hm, I bet she probably thinks it's funny and agrees. LOL!
5 years ago·Reply
oh goodness i hope she realizes how lucky she is!!
5 years ago·Reply
Oh, no doubt. Ryan Gosling is quite the catch.
5 years ago·Reply