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You might have heard that Kraft and Heinz went through a big merger, and people had been waiting to see exactly what that would result in for the employees.
- 2,500 layoffs
- reduction of benefits for the employees such as free Kraft products in the office
And that's about it. I'm sure there's a lot more implications, but the one I'm seeing the most people focus on is the reduction of benefits (like free Jell-O) for employees.
A lot of people have gone so far as to say that they will "stop buying Kraft products because of the changes." Even though they're just angry people on the internet.

Good luck with that.

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I actually didn't know any of this. I thought P&G pretty much owned everything.
@allischaaff Either way, it's crazy to see how much things are linked. They're not conglomerates in theory but they might as well be.
@allischaaff i'm not sure if all the links are that they're owned but it means there's a big relationship between the two --- like I don't believe L'Oreal is actually owned by nestle as the owner of l'oreal is one of the richest women ever, but there's a huge link there.
Yes absolutely. It's crazy to think about @drwhat.
Wow that last graphic is crazy. It's a little scary how much power certain companies have in our society... makes me think about the Google "acquisition." Also, Johnson and Johnson owns Splenda?! What?!? 2,500 is a lot of layoffs... but these things happen, unfortunately :/ and boycotting products isn't really going to do anything to change that.