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this video makes me cryy.😒😒 a advice 4 my entire LIFE.πŸ’―βœ”βœ”πŸ‘Œ
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i know iys a old video but ths help me to understnd them and all people around me and i always remmnr about ths video. like a advice for my entire LIFE.. BIGBANG ILOVEU GUYS..AND THNKS FR EVERYTHING.
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this made me cry, I understand on some level how they feel and so it just made me burst into tears (β•₯_β•₯)
Every BIGBANG Fan VIP should see this. it was so touching and sad. As a fan I never considered how lonely being so famous and successful could be and feel so isolated. I hope all the members know and that as fans we love their music and style, we also want them to be happy and enjoy their success too.
aww that really with the success in the entertainment industry.how sad...... but I want to think that now that they have been in the induatry for so long they already have a few trusted true friends.
when Daesung started to speak I could hear his voice breaking that's what made me cry