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July 2012, I was lucky to visit one of the most beautiful, inspiring and diverse countries in the world--Brazil. Here, I got to try their cuisine, such as feijoada, coxinha. Between all of them, as a meat lover this is what stayed on my mind. Pure love.
d=(´▽`)=b Wow, that really is awesome. It's awesome that you got to eat the authentic stuff. This is just a meatatarian's dream.
@YinofYang I've been a couple of them here in Korea, but the real stuff is definitely in Brazil!
@lackies2000 i know right, it was soooooo good! Only in Brazil
You went to a churrascaria?! You lucky girl. I looove eating at these places. I've been to the one in the states called Texas de Brazil. It is such an amazing dining experience, but really expensive. So, I've only been a few times. :D
i dont really know wat to say to this bc how can u describe something so beautiful?