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I thought this might be cool to do, what movie scared you as a child? And stayed with you long after you left the theater. When I was a kid my dad would take us to see all kinds of movies in the theater. This was before blue ray or DVD or even VHS or betamax...yes I know that was back when 8 tracks in the car was all the rage :p We would see westerns, comedies, action, drama, Mexican movies (yuck) and of course...horror. The movies that terrified me were The Omen (1976) I was 4, Jaws 2 (1978) I was 6, Dracula (1979) I was 7, and Dawn of the Dead (1978).
But the movie that scared the ever lovin you know what out of me (and weirdly enough has become my all time favorite) was the original Alien (1979). I mean just the chestburster scene was enough to traumatize me. To the point I was telling the people behind us I wanted to go home!! My dad made me nervous every time he said "Let's go see a movie!"
This movie had me so scared that a few nights later we had dinner at my aunt's house. Normally this would have been just another visit, but her lights were cut off so we had to eat by candlelight. Her house was spooky enough when she had light. It was an older house and with the candles all the shadows were bigger and more menacing. Me and my sister had finished eating and were just sitting there. I had my 12" superman figure and was feeling very jumpy. All my older cousins my aunt and parents were still at the table eating. All of a sudden one of my cousins started choking on a piece of food. Everybody jumped up to help her and my aunt basically tried to force her hand in my cousins mouth. Me, only 7 years old just saw the spookiest movie I'd ever seen, remembered the chestburster from the movie. Needless to say I ran for the door screaming "she's gonna have an alien, she's gonna have an alien!!!" My mom stopped me and tried to calm me down. Now my cousin brings it up and even I gotta admit it was funny lol. As a result my dad bought me a 12"inch toy of the monster to help me not be so scared...
It worked until that night...The inside of it's skull glowed in the freakin dark!!! It slept in the closet, I slept with a bat...just in case.
Okay, so it’s not a scary movie, but the first thing that scared me as a kid was this program on Discovery that was all about mysteries of the world..stuff like the Loch Ness Monster, crop circles, and aliens. I had nightmares of Bigfoot for MONTHS. haha I have yet to see a Bigfoot horror movie...but pretty sure that would freak me out.
I watched a lot of scary movies as a kid (and still try to) and I have to say that I think either the first or second nightmare on elm street was what really scared me the most. the concept that you weren't safe in your dreams really stuck with me for a while.
Well, now these movies don't really traumatize me, but they did for (believe it or not) a few years after seeing them. The first one was Jaws, the scene where the fisherman is getting chomped on near the end of the movie. The second one was a movie that I don't know the name of, but it was people escaping from the explosion of Mount Saint Helens.
HAHAHAHAHA oh man, I want to make a card of mine. But that story about your cousin is so hilarious. And that toy. I used to sleep with my Furby in the closet for a very similar reason. Toys are kind of creepy.
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