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I have seen many Korean Idols eat Pocky and I always wanted to try it. Have you ever heard of the Pepero Game? I found the Pocky after seeing Exo playing the game, which made me intrested in the chocolate covered biscuits. I'm so glad I found it. (Exo-L)
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@amandamuska I wouldn't be able to stop smiling but say "let's play!". What about you? I think freaking out would be the second option for me.
These are sooo good! lol
Aha I've been eating pocky since elementary school it was introduced to us by a piercing artist we know but it's really good though green tea is my personal favorite flavor
@SubarsahiDAren. There's a green tea flavor?!!!! Ahh sounds beautiful!-
Cookies n Cream flavor is the best one!