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Who do middle school students want as their math and English teachers? *Seriously if I had T.O.P asan English teacher, I wouldn't be able to concentrate :3 i'll be DayDreaming the whole time >.< And of course if Jaesuk was my Math teacher, i'll be excited to get to a Math class for the first time :p hhhh So What about You? Who do you think can Be your English or Math Teacher?! and Why?? PS: choose another school subject if you like ;) *Be Creative ^.^ <3
hmm i was thinking of Lee Seung Gi ^o^
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Taeyang can teach me anytime !!
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i need private lessons !!!! <3 lol
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if i had top as my korean teacher and kim hyun joong as my sport teacher and and jang keun seok as my art teacher and both of JB and yoo seung ho as a student in my class i will live in the school hahahahaha
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Cangmin+Kyuhyun+GD+TOP+...can i list all my favorite??^^
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