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Orange Marmalade
So I just started watching O.M and i'm pretty darn confused. It's a cute drama, and I got to the part where Jung Jae-Min finds out Baek Ma-Ri is a vampire and falls into the ocean, everything was fine until after that, they decided to put a little back story into it? ugh I'm on episode 8 but want to skip through all the back story and get back to them being in high school.
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@DannyNeders I know right?! After the show ended, most of the comments were "So which guy is it?"
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@DannyNeders same here ^^ Shi-Hoo is DAEBAK!
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I stopped watching as soon as they went back in time....couldn't handle it lol.
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lol yeah I finished it yesterday, honest the ending was so so. kinda expected it xD
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