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Anyone that has known me in the last few months knows that I am A) a little bit obsessed with Love! Live (the anime) and B) equally, or not more, obsessed with the real Muse group and School Idol Festival Game! It's basically one of those song tapping games, but you can collect cards like this one below, which is the whole point for me!
Naturally that meant that nearly every cosplay I'm planning for a convention early next year is my favorite girl from Love! Live, Nozomi Tojo!

Super Rare #470

This is the dress that took my by surprise, but soon after finding it I /knew/ that I needed to cosplay this outfit! And thus the madness began.
Because I won't have time to do any sewing (and I'm not very good at it), I'm going to be piecing together my cosplays by purchasing things and making little bits where I need to improve them.

Step 1: Research the Outfit(s)

I say outfitS because there is the card, and then there are the real life Muse girls (yes, they're a real idol group) and how they wear the outfits! For this one, Jenni @starberry helped me out and sent me some links to live performances from their Endless Parade concert last year, so that I could see what Nozomi wears.
Left: Card Version
Right: Live Version
Thankfully, the two are very similar, and the live version helps me see what the hows & legwear look like. The main difference is....

Step 2: Ruffles or Tutus?!

As you saw up there, the ruffles on the card were changed into a massive tutu for the live....and I can't decide which one I like better. So, that basically leaves me to decide based on what cosplays I can find. Based on just one of the sellers I've found, you can see the differences here.
I'm thinking ruffles + tutu to do a kind of combo, best of both worlds! Tutus tend to look better in real life compared to ruffles, and I'll for sure need to give some lift to the dress, but I think a combo might be really great for this cosplay.
Any other opinions are beyond welcome!!
If you'd like to keep following my slow, agonizing progress on bringing my cosplays for Katsucon 2016 to life, check out my new collection "End Goal: Katsucon 2016." I'm really hoping to make this happen!
Lastly, because everyone should see how cute they are, here's Lily White (a subgroup of Muse) while they're wearing this outfit. So great! I can't link them performing because there aren't any clips on Youtube (copyright, yuck!)
But if you're more adventurous and really want to see Muse live, there's a clip hosted on a Korean site here and a longer clip of the Endless Parade show on a Japanese site here!
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I think the tutus are cute!