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Come on now guys... ya know that facial expression when that one Bitch is really asking for it....or when you're watching a drama and you just really can't stand this one character like in this drama... that's EXACTLY MY FACIAL EXPRESSION as well when I see that Psycho "doctor" like in that first picture of SEO IN GUK... "Bitch really wanna died huh....(then the rest of the picture SEO IN GUK expressing) Died you mother fucking Bitch, you fucking crazy bastard!!, you ain't going no where tonight." ME: "lol. yeeeeeeeesssss kill that nigguh!!! liiiiikeee... bout time you stranggle that Bitch... you been holding it in for too long now so let all your anger out oppa... do it for me... lol...kekeke.... " BTW oppa expression made me go.... "oouuwwaa daaaeebbakkk!!" (^0^) :D 'LIKE' if you know that feeling too. lol. I seriously replay that last episode 3 times because I still couldn't believe it that the drama is really over T^T opppaaaaa~ D:( T^T *EndlessTears*