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(I literally watched the last episode 3 times because I refuse to believe it that this drama really ended) THIS part still gets me everytime.... When my hubby went there alone without his hyung and I understand why BUT STILL!! I couldn't bare to see him get hurt... and he eventually did... what MIN said after Hyeok got there... he said "I hated you and I missed you. Ive been looking after you and followed you. My whole life...I've been doing that for 20 years." ME: T^T D: Oppa... you weren't abandoned... I feel so sorry towards MIN. Ik he's a good kid... but because of what happen when he was little... and grew up like that was because he didn't want to hurt his hyung and wanted to protect him. THIS part results me in having puffy ass eyes because I cried non stop even after I found out MIN was still alive... my tears probably flooded South Korea by now.. lol. the feeeeeels you guys... I just can't... D: T^T
what? 2?!?!! really?? omo... lol. You have a lot to catch up on. lol @netchtibates
@netchtiBates Depending on what site you watch it's either call Hello Monster or I remember you.
oh ok, I thought so was just making sure, I'm only on episode 2 lol @YGWinner
what drama?