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Guys just LOOK at these two handsome bae... that SMILE!!! eyes... nose..lips! lol. This is the one and only ONE that I finally get to see both of the SMILE!! ESPCIALLY MIN!! that cute, big, cheeky, and lovely smile of his.... killed me over and over again.... same for Hyeok smiles... his little cute! lol. This will be my paper wall as my phone background. heheh YEEESSSSS :D MUUAAH! #XOX #Bromance #HyeokMin #brothers #MyTwoBae #TotalBaeMaterial #lol #SaranghaeyoOppa
The ending was great too!!! For like the 10th time, I didn't care about the romance in a drama!!!!
@nandini0910 lol. I wasn't satisfied as my much as I thought but I guess.. I just wish there was more bromance between them. lol
I understand what you mean. I really wanted Min's story to be more on screen... If you know what I mean. I really wanted to have already another bromance scene at the end. Like how the two brothers are walking instead of the girl and the guy.
love. this guy