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If you are like me, you might have a tendency to overpack stuffing 5 pairs of socks and 4 t-shirts in my suitcase for a weekend trip. But when it comes to carrying everything on my back when I'm hiking, I try to be much more conscious of what I pack. Here is a gear comparison list of Andrew Skurka from when he started the Appalachian Trail compared to when he finished. He dropped the weight of his pack by more than 30 lbs!!! Beginning of the Hike Pack Weight: 49.2 lbs (787.4oz) End of the Hike Pack Weight: 13.8 lbs. (220oz) Andrew Skurka, the author of the Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide, is most well-known for his solo long distance backpacking trips.
thats quite amazing....
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I know, I love it. He probably just kept realizing what he really needed and little by little discarded stuff
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