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So I try not to ship members together, idk why I just don't but this picture From Seungri's Instagram was just too priceless. TY: oh look at all the people! I can't see the back. Here give me a piggy back ride Ri so I can see all of them. Ri: OK hyung. GD: Your just gonna let him put his arm around you like that. Ri: Its not what it looks like! Crap.... GD: mhm sure...
lol, actually my fave ship in kpop NYONGTORY! jealous Jiyong's so cute.
Gd is always so possessive towards Panda Ri. And the whole dating thing with Kiko is actually just for marketing. * sighs* Nyontori Fighting!!
NYONGTORI IS AMAZING!! I think people who don't like shipping members can't help but ship panda and Jiyong together. They are the most perfect couple ever. Possessive/jealous Jiyong is amazing!!