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From Tokyo Ghoul. Cosplayer is Turki.
A ghoul and waitress at Anteiku. While hunting, she wears a rabbit mask and her alias is Rabbit (ラビット). In Tokyo Ghoul, she was a second-year student at Kiyomi High School in the beginning and a third-year student after the post-Aogiri timeskip. After the timeskip, she returns as a waitress of the coffee shop. Touka suffers from ornithophobia. This may have stemmed from caring for a bird when she was a child only to be pecked near her right eye that she then covers with her bangs. In the time skip, Touka possesses a much gentler and warmer personality compared to how she was back then. She is also seen smiling a lot more and greets people politely even outside her workplace. I know that Touka is one of your favorite characters, @poojas, so I did my best to find a really good cosplay of her. ^_^ @kimikodragon @BPF1916 @AkiraCondry @Shilolobun@vulpix@KeikoKup @ashleykpop @stevieq@caitlind9898 @ButterflyBlu @B1A4BTS5ever@Taijiotter @chongx @AimeeH @VeronicaArtino @vanemunos @BonnieDomo@JustinaNguyen @ChibiFox @chandnip804 @sherrysahar @JaxomB @heyimkristyna@SunnyV @Alinaxx94@resavalencia @Kamiamon @yessiex3 @EllieDean @Rushee22@CallmeEunni @SashaLove @KatieWarren @edwey66 @KatieRussell @KaryllNorepse @WiviDemol @MissCandyFreak @Happyyet @DaisyMartinez @esmegot7@biancadanica98 @zellie15@ChocolateAura @josephhobright @serapisces @corinazurk @simplysam12 @yashiracruz @rcuero @TakahashiSuzuki @kopkiki @ninachan @LovinJade @kpopdrama @nightshade18 @sugajin94 @NerukaWong @CristelaLoz @MaatiCasanova @BlackXShield @KarinaFarias @shashae5296@VinMcCarthy @solodaywithB1A4 @ReddViolet @jonathan11@BeatoftheDrum @felicityautumn @SeaseaBlue @DeathnoteRyuuk @NirealPalaruan@FrankilliMambo @carolinacastane @koreanlover909 @Edwinb94 @Chaunti @AraceliJimenez
This is a fantastic cosplay! Love the photography work as well!
I love this. I especially love people that cosplay mostly because I wish I could
why to be sorry?! any time! it's so awesome
I'm sorry about tagging you in this card, @BPF1916...LOL.
so so so good! who are these people?! ahah
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