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Attention ladies and sensitive gentlemen, The Notebook is back, this time in TV form!!!!

Get your tissues ready because this new series is going to be a lot like the movie which everyone should just go ahead and admit they cried hysterically throughout.

It wasn't still isn't over!!!

The series will follow Noah and Allie throughout their relationship, and focus on life in North Carolina during the 1940s, a time of racial, social and economic inequality. Even more exciting than a reunion with our favorite couple is the fact that Nicholas Sparks will be producing the series!!! We all know that man can tug at the heartstrings.
No word yet on who will play the famous couple, but I'm not quite sure anyone will compare to Ryan Gosling....

The CW just announced this new series, so we've got a while to wait before we get to see Noah and Allie again. I'm expecting a premiere in late 2016. See you all there.

To get you all prepared, here's The Notebook trailer. It's a little outdated, but still as adorable as ever. Try not to cry!!!!
This could be good....or really, really bad.
@LisaWaitst it's such a cute story right?! I think the show will be interesting or a least a way to reminisce about the movie @onesmile hahah fair enough this could be great or terrible @nerukawong LOL that's amazing I'm sure the tears will be flowing during the whole show @alywoah yessssss I'm so excited too hopefully it doesn't disappoint
really?!?!! ahhhh I'm so excited about this!
ahhh, I cried before and Imma cry again. why not watch it? I never run out of tears
HmmMmmMmm I dont know how to feel hahaha
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