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guys, it's starting again! : YG comeback/debut teaser
what could it be??? to me it loooks like Ikon debut? and remember he said theyre debuting on the 15 of september
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The excitement is real \(^0^)/
2 years ago·Reply
oh godddd I hope for @poojas sake it's for iKon hahah
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi I may be having a minor fangirl attack right now. And the way the teaser looks, it does seem like iKon because that's how they had each member's poster during Mix and Match. AHHHHHH IKONNNNN....HANBIIIIIIIIN~
2 years ago·Reply
it looks like ikon to me ... kinda remind me of winner's album cover lol@poojas
2 years ago·Reply
@edwinb94 But then again YG is a troll so we'll never know for sure XD
2 years ago·Reply