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Rule: When you're writing the Lyric of the Day, and you aren't sure what song to write about, write about The Beatles. Problem solved.
And that's where I find myself today. At least, that's where I found myself on my morning commute, which is when I usually begin thinking about what song I'd like to write about. Lacking inspiration, I turned to the Fab Four and pressed play on A Hard Day's Night, an album that I don't listen to all that often. I was quickly reminded that "If I Fell" is probably my favorite Beatles song of all time.
"If I fell in love with you
Would you promise to be true
And help me understand
Cos I've been in love before
And I found that love was more
Than just holding hands"
It's a cool lyric for The Beatles to write, because so many of their songs, on first glance, could serve to convince you that they actually do believe that love is all about holding hands. Especially earlier in their career, The Beatles got lots of slack for writing surface-level lyrics without much depth or power. Then they sorta realized it - there are examples of this realization in the songs themselves - and changed. Easy!
Love is more than holding hands, but I'll be damned if I could explain it. Beyond that, though, I like the idea of being fooled once before. Lennon wrote the song, and it's as if he's saying that you have to think that you're in love and find out that you're wrong once in order to truly fall in love.

True? Maybe.

Love this! When in doubt: Beatles! I think you are mostly spot-on with this. Love is more then just holding hands, and they recognize it. But also it’s not the first time he held someone...
@nicolejb right on. not sure what you mean by it's not the first time he held someone - the same kind of sentiment that i expressed at the end of this card? that you've got to hold someone before you can love a different someone? or do you mean something else?