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All of us know that drinking only gets better after years of getting use to the taste of rubbing alcohol and chilled pissed aka Corona. But we all remember our first beer, and it tasted like SHIT! Our first shot... even worse.
But its nice to know that everyone shooting back the forced soco lime shot (the only shot your best friend will order) with varying degrees of ease all started in the same place.
You steal some of your parents alcohol and sneak it up to your room with a friend.
You realize beer bottles need a beer you sneak back down to the kitchen pretending you're grabbing chips. Lets be're hype to drink.
You guys cheers (because duh its in the movies) and take a swing.
UGHHHHHH it taste like dirty sink water...but you are trying to play it cool because little do you know your friend also hates it but is also trying to play it cool.
"eh its ok....but I think I'll like vodka instead"...said only the youngest and most pure of the alcohol newbies.
Sooo you grab a cup of your parents vodka, putting water in to replace the missing liquid, and swing some back.
Instant pain. No one told you about chasers . I am so sorry. There should be a class about that in high school.
But you keep drinking anyway...and after a few months you discover MIKES HARD LEMONADE and pictures from high school become way more embarrassing.
Pro-tip: Stop posing with your pink mikes hard and acting like it got you wasted. It didn't.
Chasers become your best does cranberry vodkas and screwdrivers #neverorderthoseafterhighschool
And after the first week....youre a pro. I am so proud of you, you have come so far. Line up some tequila, on me.
Enjoy it.....because once 21 hits, you and alcohol will have a much harder time loving each other the next morning.
I actually knew a girl in school who was legitimately trashed after having one mikes hard. every body is differnet!
Hahahah I remember my first beer being from a keg, but warm. SO GROSS. It was like drinking piss. I felt like Bear Grylls.
Ahaha I feel you @LizArnone. I LOVE gin. Fave hard liquor I think. But some summer days, you really just need that tequila... :D
@allischaaff i seriously started craving the taste of gin at some mother does not approve lol
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