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Yes - you can work out pregnant, and you can workout post-pregnancy! BYOBFit in New York has made a gym for new mommies who want work their bodies, with their babies. BYOB, which is short for Bring Your Own Babies is not just exclusive to moms, new dads are welcome too!
These new 'rents are definitely inspirational. Just had a baby? Get out of the house and MOVE!
Two women, Melissa Paris and Anja Pierre designed a workout that blends mommy and daddy time and muscle-building. Located in New York City, their classes are both indoors and outdoors! On August 15th, BYOBFIt will be taking the streets between 9:30AM - 11:30AM on Park Avenue.
I am definitely inspired by these badass, strong women!
To my new mommies and daddies on Vingle: did you go right into the gym after the new bundle of the joy?
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Ah, really?! How cool! I think I remember you mentioning that to me. I think it's so important to keep active when you're pregnant, and even afterwards. @karencorchardo
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After 3 kids, I'm still very much active. I still dance around the house (a lot) and when the girls are outside, I'm playing with them too. I think is very important to stay active, with your kids. The relationship between a parent and a child is priceless and most importantly the child will never forget.
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awww that's true. they'll definitely remember you being an active and involved mommy to them! ^_^ <3 <3 <3
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@karencochado Pardon my language, but you are a BADASS! :D That's so cool that you went to the batting cages while pregnant hahaha. These moms are so awesome, I'd love to work out with my baby like this :) you can spend quality time with your newborn while you get your swell on!
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@alliscaaff :) thanks a lot. I was told once before that a pregnant woman is not an invalid, so she shouldn't miss out on being active (unless she's high risk). So enjoy every minute of it. If you're not a mom yet, make sure to be a BADASS one too ;))
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