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Zayn Malik stepped out in West Hollywood channeling his Danny Phantom vibes on Tuesday evening. The 22-year-old is continuing to make large changes throughout his life, first leaving One Direction, then signing with RCA Records, breaking up with Perrie Edwards, and now switching up his hair. Malik is notorious for switching up his hairstyle and color just because he can or maybe because he has commitment issues (Perrie Edwards???). Maybe he was feeling a new hairstyle to subtly suggest that he really is a super hero...
But really, look at the resemblance!
He was heading to the 1 Oak Nightclub where he was photographed. Many think he's trying to reinvent himself with a total makeover before his worldwide debut. Though he's now trying to become a solo artist, we can't help but to wonder if he regrets leaving One Direction. He's showed his support on social media however many say it's just for publicity. One Direction is doing better than ever without him smashing records for their new single "Drag Me Down" across the globe. For now, continued speculation circles around if he is interested in Kylie Jenner after making an appearance at her 18th birthday party. All we can say is hopefully he can find a way to be as cool as Danny Phantom.

Zayn Malik's hair makeover in one gif.

Recently, Malik and Edwards put their home up for sale following their very public split. They had only been living together for two months and now their $6.56 million dollar mansion is on the market. Edwards is supposedly devastated over the breakup.
Malik really is Danny Phantom, one minute he's there, the next, he's gone.
"This was the house where Perrie expected to marry Zayn and act as his wife for the rest of their lives. It was their dream home. It's understandable that Perrie feels confused and led on. He must have already been having doubts about the relationship," a source told The Sun,
"This was a very serious, major financial purchase. She thought Zayn was committing to their long-term future."
We will see Edwards on The Late Late Show with James Corden where she will speak about the breakup. You might want to grab some popcorn for that!

What do you think of Zayn Malik's new hair color?