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You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new...ingredients? If you're looking for a quick detox or health boost try adding these unlikely items to your next bath. Besides, a traditional bubble bath is boring.

Milk = sooth and calm sun burn relief

Tea = anti aging, detox, balance hormones

Salt = pain relief, reduces inflammation, relaxation

Jell-O = hydrate dry skin, elevate mood

Oil = hydrate, anti-aging strength

Lemon = refresh, shrink pores, relieve irritation

Honey = soften and detox

Oatmeal = softens, relieves irritation

Baking Soda = relieves irritation, soothes skin, calming effect

Ginger = detox, cold and flu relief, muscle relief

Lavender = stress/muscle/itch relief, reduces inflammation

Cinnamon = detox, cures rashes, invigorates skin tissue

Epsome salt is my main go to, I would use lavender if I wasn't allergic to it, it make my nose go stuffy which is sad because its an amazing smelly smell.
There really isn't a set amount but I like to use at least a cup and then kind of estimate how much more I'm going to need @ZoeMe
also, how much of these ingredients should one use? I'm specifically interested in the milk because I have a horrid sunburn on my back that is angry and blistered like crazy. The skin got ripped off in one spot and the skin is so raw that it's been burning since it happened.
Any essential oils and any tea (green is my personal favorite)
what kind of oil and what kind of tea should you use?
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