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Your a year older, oh my goodness!!!! Lol Anyways, Happy Birthday, @B1A4BTS5ever
Hope you have an AWESOME day, because we are going to Pali Pali.
BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA yes, we are going to Party all day and all night,......... pretty sure we are going to knock out by then, but who cares ≧∇≦
I'm not good with words, but please bare with me, if this sounds a bit silly, okay :)
You are an awesome, funny person. Everytime we hang out there is no end to anything, I love how we can make almost ANYTHING into a scenario, it's too much fun.
I love you, Darling. I'm forced to love you since your my wife, lol JK but I'm glad that I brought you into this world, Bwahahahaha I feel proud that I did lol xD
Lol yes you got Swag like Suga, or more........ don't tell him SSSHHHH Heehee e.e
Stay Fabulous like N, *brings bowl of flour* and do the sprout dance
Today is your day, be happy happy, and make it shine, making people have a kanjung
That's going to be you at first, then.......... that x3
Okay, let's be mature about this....... lol Nope xD
Happy Birthday, Darling :)
thank you so much my love hahahaha and i cant belive i got swaged the swag master :O hahahah anyways thank you again my love love you
@B1A4BTS5ever No problem :) your welcome, love you too ^o^