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I was driving to school and the radio station I was listening to just mentioned the Directioner/queens drama. it was hilarious except I laughed as I was parking and it made me accelerate too much and I accidentally hit this stone pole that was separating me from the car in front of me.
Sorry that you hit the pole :/ wee they speaking negatively about queens?
@MattK95 no. they were going to go into depth but I had to get to class. but just the fact that the beef between the fandoms was big enough to get onto American pop stations was hilarious to me
@JustinaNguyen ah well at least they weren't bashing the Queens ^^ I've heard K-Pop bad mouthed on the radio before...
that's awful! the station I was listening to was kind of making fun of how dramatic 1d fans were so that's good. unless they bashed K-pop after I left for class
At least you didn't hit the car! That is pretty funny though