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FRIENDS is a classic and beloved sitcom, and as the years pass, it's timestamp as a 90's show becomes more and more apparent. One way to mark its age is through the clothes worn by the characters; from sweater vests to flowy skirts, and chokers galore, our favorite characters made many a fashion misstep, but also made some exemplary fashion choices. Here's what the characters got right about style, and how we can learn from them.
Denim as a layering piece.
From denim vests to denim jumpers, denim was often rocked on this show layered over girly dresses, simple tees, and, occasionally, more denim. Treated as a neutral, denim becomes the ideal layering piece to elevate a simple look without going over-the-top.
Crop tops for day...
Using the simple t-shirt cut, Monica and Rachel both rocked many a daytime-appropriate crop top, and it totally worked. Though the sliver of midriff is sexy, the simple tee cut makes the look far from scandalous, and with the right bottoms, effortlessly casual (but always cool).
Don't be afraid to try "ugly cool" pieces.
Friends totally took advantage of so many "ugly" cool trends, from overalls to sneakers to jumpers and everything in between. Using Rachel Green as a guide, you can see how things that might otherwise look dumpy or dowdy become a great form of geek chic.
Delicate buttons in the best 90's fashion.
One very subtly 90's trend was delicate pearly buttons up the front of anything and everything, often just for show. Rachel worked this style perfectly, wearing otherwise simple and bare black pieces with the pretty button detailing.
Playing with prep.
Rachel Green carefully walked the line between trendy, preppy, and understated, and when she got the prep part right, it was so right. The key is taking a preppy article like the pleated or plaid skirt and pairing it with a little bare skin, and then classic staples like a white button-down or a turtleneck. Because of this balance, Rachel has come to be something of a style icon.
when I start making some good money I shall watch friends again so I can capture and copy the fashion
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lol I'm watching this right bow with my older sister
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@Dino21 I hope you're paying attention to what they're all wearing!
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@Gavriella there outfits seems 90's to me, classic
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