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Its time to go back to college, the greatest, drunkest, most insane four years of your life. The perfect age to be old enough to do what you want (kind of ) and still young enough to be found passed out covered in taco bell and not be judged. Wooooo college!
And since move in day is just around the corner, lets talk about things you should NOT do this college semester.
1. Go back to the hook up from last semester that "you know you can change".
Come're smarter then that. Even in the smallest of colleges there are so many hotter, nicer, and more caring people who will actually give you the time you deserve, not a time slot of 2:30am-6:00am on the weekends. You are in college and its time to make some big kid decisions for yourself. You don't want someone you need to change, so stop wasting your time (and glory years) on someone who doesn't deserve it.
2. Take Bullshit classes.
Yes yes...I know sometimes this is unavoidable because of Gen Eds BUT I am talking about the easy A classes that won't help you at all become a better person or graduate on time. Sure one easy class a semester is fine, but you (or your parents) are paying a lot of money to be there and in between parties and illegal adventures with drug dealers you should be taking advantage of it.
3. Deal with friends that just bring you down.
You only have 4 (or 5) years to have the greatest time in college, so don't bother with friends that just bring you down, make you feel miserable, and take you away from the experience. There are so many clubs and activities to meet people in, don't just confine yourself to the roommate you were assigned freshmen year that you secretly want to fail out.
4. Think about having a "relaxing year".
Like I said before, no other time in your life will ever be like college. You have a ton of freedom and minimal real world responsibilities! Don't spend every night watching Netflix, go out and have fun, join a team or a club and keep yourself busy. So what if club kick ball has games at 11pm on a tuesday, being tired really isn't that big of a deal compared to how much fun you can have with your team mates!

Take advantage of the little time you have there....

because trust me it will fly by and you will miss it.

@amazingangelini that's going to be so much fun!!!! Don't worry you'll love college
I begin college at the end of this month and I am moving from Long Island, New York to San Francisco for it so of course I'm super nervous. But now I know what NOT to do during my semesters at college. Thank you, @LizArnone
@LauraFisher ughhhhh SAME!! writing this card made me miss it so muchhhh
wahhhhhh i wish i was going back to college :(
I leave on Thursday and I'm so excited but thanks!