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Pictured above are not anti-fans. Look at those smiles, they're the real deal!


I will never, ever be able to understand the minds of anti-fans, and because of that they absolutely fascinate me.

Fascinate and terrify me.

How can someone be filled with so much hate for people they don't even know?

Here are some instances of anti-fans in Kpop through the years:

Yunho and Glue

TVXQ were the next generation of boy bands and their debut wasn't an easy time. In 2006, Yunho was given a drink backstage by a staff member. It turned out that the drink contained super glue which caused him to vomit and cough out blood before fainting.
Yunho didn't press charges because once the culprit was caught, he discovered that the anti-fan was a girl the same age as his little sister.

Tablo and Stanford

Tablo has an incredible story. He finished his degree with the highest marks from a top US university, Stanford, and is now a successful author and hip hop artist - hard to believe right? Well, a ton of anti-fans decided they didn't believe it and they wanted to drag Tablo down.
They formed a forum called Tajinyo, claiming that Tablo had faked getting his diploma from Stanford. Two years of harassment of not only Tablo but his entire family put him under extreme mental stress and threw him into depression.
Stanford representatives affirmed his alumnus status and jail sentences were issued for harassment. Many of his new songs (especially on Epik High's 99 album) were related to this incident.

Girls Generation and Black Ocean

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In 2008, not shortly after their debut, SNSD faced their worst nightmare. At Dream Concert (a yearly concert for all the big names) they walked onto the stage to silence. All the glow sticks were off, no one was cheering. It was a black ocean.
There were rumors that it fans were upset about comments made by Tiffany (Tiffany actually had the most anti-fans early on...) but no one really knows. At the same concert, Super Junior's fan banners were torn down WHILE SuJu was performing on stage.
No one knows exactly why it happened, but many speculate it was also because of the fact that they were very friendly with other male idol groups (namely Super Junior...) and people were jealous.

Yoon Eun Hye and Eye Attacks

You probably know her for her adorable role in Coffee Prince, but during her days as a member of Baby V.O.X, Yoon Eun Hye found herself constantly terrorized by anti-fans.
One of the biggest incidents was when a man squirted a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce directly into her eye, causing damage to her corneas and forcing her to wear an eye patch during her group's promotion activities.
She was also egged and had food thrown at her by anti-fans constantly.
There are so many more instances such as a girl on Star King receiving so many harsh words from taking a picture with Super Junior's Kangin that she committed suicide. Artists have received razor blades sent to them in the mail and have had their families threatened. Think of Rap Mon! Joke or no joke, death threats are terrifying.

What do you think the motive is behind these people? Or are they just crazy?

One motive I can think of is attention.
There was a case at a VIXX fansign where a fan went up to get her album signed and had written crude and horrible things about Hakyeon on a post-it in the album he was signing. He simply looked at her and asked 'why are you doing this?'
I think, especially if you're going to do something mean to an idol when you're FACE TO FACE with them, it's because you want attention - and you'll probably get more as an anti-fan than as a normal fan. But who knows...
Not to mention the recent BTS/Rapmon hate I seriously don't understand why people put in so much effort to spread hate!! Why not love the people they love more?? Why can't they pour all that hate they have towards someone into love and prove why their role model is better rather than drag someone down??? Anti-fans scare me, I worry for our artists that have all worked so hard and that so many people need to accept that they are people too. People with emotions and people who can get hurt and discouraged. I hope our lovely hard-working idols don't give up because they work so hard and know that there are so many fans that appreciate and acknowledge that. I hope they stay safe!!! And don't spread hate!!!
Honestly, I never understood why people strive and are proud to be an anti-fan. And these anti-fans hate these idols....for what? Because they do something that doesn't please them? Idols work their butts off to try to create music and entertainment for their FANS. Not for all the haters and anti-fans to bash on them. There will always be hate, but why embrace it? These people are solely just trying to get attention. If you don't like them, THEN DON'T WATCH THEM. Why hurt people's emotions when you could just turn your head the other direction? Urgh. The nerve people do to get attention. ( -_- )
It has to be for attention. But even so, it's incredibly disrespectful, disgusting and sad. What is going on in someone's life that they feel this is necessary? What is so wrong that they feel the need to be noticed even in a bad way? It's sad, very sad.
The thing is that I can understand not liking someone you don't fully know. I feel like everyone has had that one person that just kind of gives off this aura that you can't get comfortable with. I've never been comfortable with SNSD and, when I'm asked why, I was honest and said that I didn't know. I went through a stage where I didn't want to be bothered by anything Minho related. I personally was conflicted by it because SHINee is my bias group. Lol I got over it, but, I mean, I never hated them, at least not nearly as much as an anti-fan. It was more like that feeling of those kids that you can't get close to at school so you just kind of watch them from afar? If that makes sense. I think anti's go way, way, WAY too far. I can't put emphasis on just how much too far I feel that they go. I remember some incident where there was this girl that was targeting Sehun and there where warnings all over the place to protect him at that Idol Championship thing because she had publicly threatened that she was going to try to kill him there. To make matters worse, she was supposedly some widely known anti-fan that had actually attacked/tried to attack multiple artists. Well, more accurately, she tried to kill them. She had like a hit list or something. I think she was actually the one that had gotten Yunho with that super glue drink, but I'm not sure. I remember the article or post, whichever it was, saying that that was something that she'd tried on more than a few artists. I really don't understand the mentality of an anti-fan. Some of them don't even seem to have like a bias group or anything. If they did, it'd seem like they were just trying to protect their group, but it doesn't seem like that at all in my opinion. I just get the feeling that they have nothing better to do so they go out of their way to do things like that. I really do think some of it is an mental instability but then I also think the other bit of it is definitely for attention. It's a horribly terrifying shame that they have to go through this when they work as hard as they do to get where they are. Jealousy might also be mixed in with it all. They're bold but I don't think that they're too bright. I don't know. These are just my opinions.
This is so terrible! I'm the kind of person who just really don't like or understand extreme hate, how people can threaten others and potentially ruin their lives or even cause their death. People astound me and I'm constantly starring in disbelief at how horribly hateful they can be.
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