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This summer, Disney Parks introduced a new collection of souvenir dolls called "Disney Attractionistas."

Inspired by classic park attractions such as...
The Mad Tea Party (you know, the spinning teacups)
Space Mountain (everyone's favorite rollercoaster-in-the-dark)
The Haunted Mansion (I was always too scared to ride this)
Pirates of the Caribbean (ahoy, matey!)
...these dolls let visitors take a little piece of the park home with them, for the low price (ehh...) of $29.95.
First of all, $30 for a Barbie doll? Hmm... let's learn a little more.
In a post on the DisneyParks blog, merchandiser Victoria Hamilton gives a little more background on the dolls:
“Disney Attractionistas are special friends that love to be together at Disney Parks every chance they get. As the story goes, each Attractionista wished to be part of their favorite attraction, and that it could be a part of them. Once their wishes came true, they were magically transformed with attire inspired by those various attractions. These 12-inch fashion dolls come with detailed clothing, a special animal sidekick and a fun story on the back of the packaging about things each doll enjoys. I think these dolls make great companions for any guest who loves Disney Parks.”
Okay, Victoria – calling them "special friends" make them seem like my auntie Margaret's "special friend" Donna who came to family reunions for years before I realized they were actually married.
And another thing. These dolls each made a wish to FUSE THEIR BODIES with Disney theme park rides? Is it just me, or is this tantamount to teaching little girls to sell their souls to corporations?
So far, the Attractionistas crew include (from left to right):
Celeste (inspired by Space Mountain)
Gracey (inspired by the Haunted Mansion)
Pearl (inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean) and
Maddie (inspired by the Mad Tea Party).
Two more dolls are expected to join their ranks in the fall: Carrie, inspired by two famous Disney Parks carousels, and Nellie, inspired by the Jungle Cruise ride.
Sure, I'll admit it. The dolls are cute, and I like how their clothing does such a great job of echoing the rides that inspired them. But this also just seems like one more sinister attempt by Disney to monetize the magical innocence of childhood dreams.
Isn't it a little weird that now, they're not only selling figurines based on your favorite Disney characters – they're creating meta-toys, based on the park itself? A little too self-parodic for my taste.
I am really interested to hear the opinions of the true Disney lovers out there. What do you think – are these dolls another adorable item you're longing to add to your collection, or are they blatantly fishing for dollars?
Photo Credits:
Teacups photo by Justin Brown
Maddie Doll closeup by drj1828
Other photos from DisneyParks Blog
Welp....disney is a company trying to make money, lol!! That's what they've always done and always will do. I think these are fine really, they are in line with what any little kid might want you know? I mean when I was a kid I wanted a pin of every single attraction hahaha so i guess these can be fun for those kids that like dolls!
@adorkabledolly ahaha oh no!! grandma, you're so mean!! lol. It's okay, believe me, there are some pretty big "kids" there XD I think for some people (like myself, at age 23 lol) Disney just never gets old!
@allischaaff OMG, your soo sweet and kind! Thank you! But yea, after all these years, never been. Even my grandma has gone without me one year. It'll happen one day though, and I'd probably be the biggest kid there 😄 haha
Hahaha @adorkabledolly I'm glad you enjoyed my joke ;D I can't believe you've never been to a Disney park!!!! Based on your INCREDIBLE collection of Disney merch, I'd say nobody deserves to go more than you!! I think they've been making Disney vacations more and more affordable; hopefully you can find a way to go soon! :D @onesmile you make a very good point haha. It's true that these are cute and seem like a great souvenir, that's a bit more special and customized than yet another Pocahontas doll or what have you.
Btw, the part that you mentioned above the "special friend" made me laugh a little too much, haha
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