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Ed Sheeran is facing major backlash from fans after posting a picture of his new tattoo. Though, Sheeran is known for his really bizarre tattoo choices : lego head, a teddy bear, Puss In Boots, Pingu, The Word 'Prince', gingerbread man, and a snowflake. So for Sheeran to get a lion plastered across his chest right between his nipples, so be it. However, his fans are largely upset.
The 24-year-old is defending his decision because HE LIKES IT. And he's right, the only opinion that matters is his own opinion. He has over 31,000 comments on Instagram, over 6,000 retweets on Twitter, and thousands of comments posted across the web regarding the new tattoo. Sheeran has credited his new ink to celebrity tattoo artist, Kevin Paul. Kevin Paul tweeted, "It's mad how so many people are jumping on the band wagon to talk about eds tattoo that's only halfway done."
Almost every comment from a fan is negative which may be putting some pressure on Sheeran however, there's no turning back now.

Ed Sheeran doesn't care about your opinion.

Many people think it's a tribute to Cecil the lion.
So here's a few comments that people have said :
"Cecil the lion didn't die for this."
"Ed Sheeran's new tattoo looks like one of them paint by numbers you'd find in a zoo gift shop."
"I was not emotionally prepared to wake up this morning and see a new picture of Ed Sheeran's chest tattoo."
"Damn ugly."
"Coming from a guy who loves tattoos this is horrendous sorry bye"
"i'm so mad at ed's tattoo i feel like it's not real"


Well, at least Ed Sheeran has some pasta for comfort.

What do you think of his new tattoo? Cool? Or a BIG mistake?
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Dudes a champ to be able to take a color tat to chest of that size.
I don't see why people are so upset. 1 its his body, and 2 its not a bad tattoo plus its not even finished. honestly. Some people are just stupid and hateful.
it's not even finished yet! People probably thought the purple outline was part of the tattoo 馃槀 the inkwork is amazing.
I like it. Some people are just stupid and need to shhhhhhh. Sheeran is amazing and known for his uniqueness so why are they nit picking cause it's not their style?
I kinda like it!! It's really pretty and I like that he's so sure in his decision馃槉