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Hold on to your books folks, here are the five types of kooky peeps you'll meet in college, see yourself in one of them...or all of them?

1. The Rich Kid

This is the guy or gal that takes all of your poor-ass friends out to the bars and covers the tab when you'd rather drink than eat. This friend is usually way too generous, but they don't mind helping a broke buddy out. Get behind them when they're up at the bar, or ready to go out for a beer run, because they'll always ask, "Can I get you anything?"

2. The Perpetual Freshman

Oh god, this person's lost again. They're the kid who asks where everything is even when they're a senior. They just aren't very observant and are a little bit more immature than the rest of your friends. This person can be a breath of fresh air when you're feeling jaded about college, or life in general. They can also be a colossal pain in the ass because they're still carrying around a giant backpack and don't know where the dining hall is even though they're a senior. Ugh.

3. The Super Student

This Mother F...this person, is the sole reason you failed your chemistry class. They're the kid who gets 100 percent on the exams the rest of your classmates fail, and they're really smug about it too. They have little to no social life outside of class, and that makes you feel a little bit bad for them, but they're probably going to be the CEO of a company by the time you figure out how to get your first job. So...screw them right? XD

4. The Cram-Studier

This dude or lady is never ever prepared for anything. They're always asking for extensions on their assignments and bothering the teacher for extra-credit even though they don't do the bare minimum. This kid is the exact opposite of the super student, and those two people rarely get along. It takes them a long time to fix their habits, if they do at all. This kid loves to sleep and only goes to the library during finals week, like a little jerk. But his social life is probably kicking.

5. The Party Animal

This kid is the life of the party, rarely sober and totally flighty but amazing to hang out with. Everyone parties, but this person takes it to the next level. It doesn't matter if it's an effing Monday night. They're at the bar or house party giving it their all. They're almost always hungover in class, if they make-it there and will barely graduate, but hey, they've got some stories to tell.
Know any of these kids? I think we've got a little of all of them in us.
I was the cram-studier for sure. And yet I was always still able to be one of the top students in my classes. IF ONLY MY TEACHERS KNEW HOW MUCH I PROCRASTINATED.
Hahahhaahhha #stillembarrassinglyambitious @danidee
hahahhahahah old shmold! @danidee
NOT ME. I'm too old and tired now.
I was an embarrassingly ambitious person. And then I got a Netflix account.
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