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Let it be known, I work for a game store. It's always on a weekend when my husband isn't working. During the week I'm usually chasing my son around or reminding my daughter clean her room. All that mommy work tires me out and during my work shifts I'm yawning a lot and hoping for a break. My manager who is also one of my good friends, let's me bring my Bluetooth speaker to work and have it play music behind the counter if I keep the music low. She noticed when I listen to Kpop I'm more awake and alert because I'm singing and dancing along. Even my monthly numbers at work have improved! Do you use Kpop to motivate you? What song really gets you up and moving? For me it's mostly anything by BigBang.
Workout playlists definitely @SharayahTodd!! Also, I used to work part time at my school's library and I would shelve books SO much faster when I had my ipod just cause i'd be dancing through the shelves hahaha
I have a workout playlist but really I think its just my jam out playlist. all of my upbeat songs are on it. most of them are kpop. there are 47 songs and I think my all time favorites are unbreakable by khj, btd by INFINITE, who you by GD, and Last Romeo by INFINITE.