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Should be a question that everyone knows the answer too, especially those who are having sex or ready to have sex. Yet we live in a culture that believes in No means No, aka the absence of no can count as a yes. Which is completely stupid. Think about it, someone is asking for money and you do not respond with a no, does that give them the right to go in your pants and take money? FUCK NO! It is completely ridiculous that people are getting confused by consent, since the absence of it means sexual assault OR rape...which is not a joke.
Yet some people (like the some of the male Yale students above) are making jokes, saying the idea of consent is taking the sexy out of sex. (Someone please tell me how that chat is ok I mean honestly.) They compare getting consent to having to sign a contract or filling out paper work in order to not be accused of rape. But lets be know the people who say getting consent isn't sexy?....rapists. So lets makes some very clear cut lines of what is and what is not consent. Because it really could save someones life.

Check out the amazing video by the more then perfect Laci Green who explains the consent do's and dont's.

Consent is:

AN OUT LOUD, UNQUESTIONABLE YES! Gone are the days that "no means no" will define our sex culture. Yes means Yes needs too be taught everywhere. This means consent is... - yes I like that - I am comfortable with everything except... - Keep going - Basically constant encouragement and interaction Consent can be super can lead to a conversation that can pretty much sound like dirty talk and make the sex even better for everyone involved!

Not Consent:

Reminder, if you do not get consent, you are sexually assaulting someone so take this seriously. Not having consent aka rape involves some of this; - No I don't like that - Ouch that hurts a lot - tears - to drunk or scared to say no - lack of response aka no moaning and no active participation - "please just do it for me, I promise you will like it." Pro Tip: if you are begging someone to do something you know they aren't comfortable with (even if you are dating them), IT IS NOT CONSENT.
Now I know we are all smart people, so lets actually change the rape culture that we live in. Knowing what consent is will make college campuses, bars and relationships a lot safer for everyone. Consent will also make sex SO MUCH BETTER because being able to talk about what you like, dislike, or want to try will lead to everyone enjoying themselves and trying new and amazing experiences.

So go out and have some awesome consensual fun!

@buddyesd its actually insane that people will disagree with you. Girls who said no are considered prude or a tease aka a bitch yet guys who pressure girls into sex or get them while their drunk is just boys being boys! consent isn't that hard and people who are complaining about the conversation are people everyone should avoid
@kmccord95 ahhhhhh yes thank you!! I totally switched those up hahaha and yes I agree with a topic like this one everything should be pretty much spelled out so no one can argue they got "confused" and "didn't realize it was rape"
@LizArnone I agree with everything in this card. Thank you for this! I did just want to point out in the first paragraph that "yes" and "no" should be switched, reading as "the absence of 'no' can count as 'yes'." I understood your meaning, but it doesn't help with continuity, and as we are (unfortunately) aware, people easily misinterpret. (:
@buddyesd yess yessss we should start sending you around to speak to todays youth about sex! lol
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